Prinder (prinder) wrote in mpls_outreach,

Sending files

For those of you who find lack the e-mail capasity to send large files, there is a solution, however, it comes with a few catches.

It cannot be any bigger than 1G.
You are subjected to advertisements (Buy my shoes, see this car, blah blah-- relitively tame).
You may want to have a higher-speed connection than just dialup.
It can be slow on the weekends (due to too many people using it, I suspect).

The website is

You don't have to register to send things, but you can, and it's free. As I said, you can send files up to 1G in size (and if you need to send files larger than that, I strongly suspect that there may be something either wrong with you, or you are a profesional in some field and do not know any better).

For whatever it is worth, there you go.
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