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Blood needed!

This just arrived in my e-mail this morning:

"Blood Donors Needed Today!

Critical Summer Shortage Of Blood Jeopardizes Supplies

Due to the recent Holiday and summer vacations, blood supplies are now considered to be a
“Critical Shortage”. This is not something we take lightly, the word “critical” is rarely used.
However, the current inventory of blood is in dire need of donors like yourself. We have a
shortage of all blood types except AB+ & AB-. ..."

"As a result, we’re asking eligible donors to schedule appointments immediately to donate
whole blood to ensure the supply is maintained for the hospitals in our community.

We’d also like you to consider trying ALYX donation, where two units of red blood cells are
collected during a single donation. To find out if you’re a good candidate for ALYX, visit with
our staff at your next whole blood donation appointment.

Please click here to schedule your whole blood donation online, or call
(612) 871-3300, option 5, in the Twin Cities or (888) 448-3253 in the Northland."
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