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Fare for All

This is their website (or, unternitively: and really, their website explains it best, however, the flyer that is on my desk offers some more information.

Essentually, you are buying pre-packed bags of food, put together by volunteers, at a major discount + a couple hours (two hours, to be exact, per family) of volunteering (or, rather, Sweat Equity) and the cost of your gas.

The standard food packs (Light, Regular, and Holiday sized)run from $12-22 dollars (smallest to largest, of course) and usually contain fresh fruit, veggies, and frozen meats.

There are other packs you can purchase as well, such as the Family pack ($20) and the Meat Only pack ($12).

You can pay with cash, check, or EBT Card.

As for how you complete your required volunteer service, it's all up to you, there are many ways you can do it.

For some examples:

~Donate Blood.
~Volunteering at your Local FFA site (more on that in a bit).
~Raking/shoveling for a neighbor.
~Any service in a church/temple/synagogue.
~Bringing a meal to a sick neighbor/friend.
~Working in a School.
~Making blankets for a charitable orginazation.
~Volunteering at your local Foodshelf/Clothing shelf.
~Helping out at a local nursing home.

Obviously, some of the things on this list are thing that you may already be doing now, but it is still volunteerism, and that is largely what this particular program is about.

Now, back to Your Local FFA site. For the sake of not spending more gas (as prices per gallon continue to sneak their way over $3.00), it is best for you, in the long run, to go to make arrangements at your local site so you do not have to drive anymore than you already do.

You can call either: (763)450-3880 or 1-800-582-4291


Info AT fareforall DOT org (remove all spaces and use the appropriate @ and . where indicated in all Caps).
There are several ways to find out where that would be
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