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Caring Tree

It's that time of the year, everyone. Yes, that's right the Caring Tree.

What is the Caring Tree, you might ask? For more information go to

In short, my non-profit is partnered with them and I'm in charge of running our Back to School program.

For those who wonder where and how to sign up for those sorts of things, Please contact 211 (first call for help) for more information, as it can very a lot from location to location. Ours, for example, had sign-up only in July, and only to those who had already registered for the Food Shelf before July 1st.

For those who would like to help sponsor children, you have a few options on how you can help:

1. you can go to the website and donate directly there (credit cards or debit cards).
2. you can go, again, to the website and look up the Mall/social service agancy pair-up near you and go to THAT mall in person and donate (cash, check, or unused school supplies, please, thank you).
3. At the mall pick up a card and go shopping for that child and bring the supplies back to the same location (This is vital, as each site is run by a different group and it makes it very hard to track down who's card belongs where if they aren't returned to the proper place) BEFORE the 21st (that's a monday) to ensure that those supplies will make it to that child in time for school.
4. For those who cannot afford to help out, but would still like to, you can copy this whole thing and spread the word! Every little bit helps.

Or, do some of the things I suggested back in March, during foodshare month, only with school supplies.

~Host a party and have everyone bring some form of school supplies.
~Talk to your local places of worship (see: Churches).
~Empty out your pocket change every night after work and then bring ALL of that to the Caring Tree locations as a donation (that's what I did-- two years of putting nickles and dimes into jars in my room got us 28 dollars in change, just from little ol' me-- it WORKS I tell you).
~Hit up your friends.
~Hit up your neighbors.
~Talk to your coworkers. Get them in on the fun. See if your place of employment would like to group sponsor.

Use your imaginations, and I'll be watching for you!
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