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It's that time of year.

Whatever your religious denomination, I would like to take the time to wish everyone a joyful and altogether pleasant holiday season and an exceptional New Year.

That aside, I'm seriously falling behind in my updating schedule, aren't I? But fear not! I have come with tidings of great joy (sorry, I couldn't resist that over-used joke)... and a small pout from myself, personally.

First, the pout, because I believe that bad news should always come before the good stuff.

Because no one bothered to humor me, there will be no new picture for MPLS_Outreach this year. :P This is dissapointing to me, as it means that ya'll just might not care for esthetics like I do; which, I suppose, is fine, although a little dissapointing.

That said, MOVING ON!

(For the full affect of this, drum your desk here, please... thank you)

Have you guys seen this:,,id=161506,00.html

In short, it's "mo'money" for you from 2006 Taxes, if you qualify, and, considering the fact that this is the holiday season and are likely calling long-distance to our loved-ones in who-knows-where this time of the year anyway-- This likely includes everyone who has a Phone (cell or other) or VoIP (If you know what that is, chances are, you are more of a geek than I am... yes, you can feel proud about that-- for those who don't that means "Voice over Internet Protocol")

To get to the point, it's at least $30 extra back in your refund this year if you jump the hoops (not as bad as I'm making it sound, I assure you).

It's worth looking into. Also, it is worth looking into the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for those who made very little this year (under $38,348).,,id=96466,00.html
Leer en Español aquí:,,id=119799,00.html

Read at the link(s) for more information.

Moving on, I have one more thing that I will be posting about today, however, that will have to wait until I get home (where I have a scanner to actually scan it). For those who hate suspence: It's a list of dates and times for things that are happening at Sabathani's Senior Center.

Also, I will be updating the links in the Bio here shortly, so stay tuned!
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