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For those Job hunting

It has come to my attention that, even in this computer-savvy, internet age, there are still folks out there who may not realize that there are tricks for finding out of places are actually hiring before you have to walk into the store/business/whatever.

Most websites these days, have this long list of links at the bottoms of their main pages (in tiny font so that you are less likely to notice if you aren't paying attention), in this list there is usually, more often than not, a link that says "careers"

If you click on that, it will, typically, bring up some form of search engine, whenin you put the information about the job you are looking for (usually in the form of "keywords"). The types of information they will ask for will very, as some will want to know your pay range, what your level of education is, age, what store you are thinking of working for, ect. however, for the most part, it's all fairly simple.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I stumbled onto the Joann fabrics website ( ) and I found their career page (right where I said it would be) and clicked on the link.

Normally, to save people the time of looking, I just post the direct link and call it good, unfortunately, because said link (in this case) is SOOOOOOOOOO long, it, on the printer-friendly version of this site, it takes up two whole lines worth of text.

In short, I thought, since re-typing something like that correctly would be next to impossible, the explination would be more useful. As an added bonus, the trick (if it can actually be called that) can be used on other websites as well.

Happy hunting!
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