Prinder (prinder) wrote in mpls_outreach,

¡Ay caramba!

And heavens to Betsy. I know, I know, it has been FOREVER, but do not worry! I have not forgotten about you guys, I assure you.

As you can see on our Bio page, I have added a new second, called (vary appropriately named) "Newly Added"

This is pretty self-explainitory; Every new thing I find, website wise, will be added to that section, as well as added to the section that it will be sorted into for future ref. In short, LESS HUNTING for the new links that I find for you guys, and you can then see, at a glance, what's new, without having to face my boring, snooze-enducing drivel (I can tell that you are all very happy about that. ^_^)

So, to cut to the chase, ENJOY!
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