Prinder (prinder) wrote in mpls_outreach,

Much awaited

For the longest time, there have been pamphlets passing over my desk from the Sabathani Life Skills program, but I have never had a website to add them to the list (as the classes change all of the time, so it can be rather difficult to keep my list up to date). But with this months issue, I got an interesting surprise.

What do they do? In short, they specialize in teaching adults new skills to better their chances at employment (just looking at the schedule for the June classes, we have Office Skills, Office Assistant training, Introduction to Computers, Office Obsolescence, Childcare Certification, and Medical Terminology).

Most, if not all, of the classes have a small cost (from $65-100-- which, considering the cost of College classes, that's not bad) and require a referral. Please contact them for more information (all numbers and e-mails needed to do so can be found on the website).
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