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That time again

Just a quick and friendly reminder to all in the MPLS_outreach community:

Anyone and Everyone is welcome to post about ANYTHING that is happening in the community. Know about some place that is doing Ethnic dancing lessons/showing? Yard/garage sales? Neighbor's pet have babies and needs help finding them a good home? Know about a REALLY COOL website that I don't know of (I.E. haven't posted in the Bio yet)?

Post it, get the word out; even if it is something you spot on your way into work or to the store, chances are, if you've never heard about it until that point, there are other people who haven't, either.

That all aside, I have some new items that a mutial friend posted that I didn't have up yet.

If you look in the Bio, you will see that there is site for Redcross in the Donation section, a new site for volunteering in (surprise, surprise) the Volunteer section, and TWO links in Government; one for the Senate and the other for the House reps.
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